Unique wisdom Card Deck of 


PATANJALI  Yoga Sutras


with  explanation for our Millennium



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This unique wisdom Card Set contains the 196 original Sutras of PATANJALI with modern, easy to read, understandable and transforming explanations for our Millenium *).


Patanjali is the father, the founder of all yoga systems. He is a Master who touches you in all levels - physical, mental, spiritual and social.


His Sutras help you in your daily life, as well as to achieve the higher consciousness.


Patanjali made the whole spirituality a system. Step by step he guides us towards ENLIGHTENMENT.


The beautifully designed cards can be used for day-to-day inspiration, meditation and practices. The whole set of Sutras can be used step-by-step as a structured and transforming manual to achieve the highest consciousness – ENLIGHTENMENT.


Patanjali is unique in making enlightenment as an applied science. Each Sutra is independent and can lead you to ENLIGHTENMENT.


The uniqueness of this Card Set is the simple explanations of the original Sutras for our Millennium. Each Sutra gives you direct guidance and experiences.


Patanjali brought life and logic to the whole world of the human inner space. Till Patanjali, enlightenment was more or less an accident - with his Sutras, it is applied science.


The Yoga System got structured through the world famous golden path, the EIGHT-STEP-YOGA PATH - called ASHTANGA YOGA.



source ot the original sutras of Patanjali: http://www.patanjalisutras.com/

Sanskrit / English translation of Chip Hartranft, http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patanjali


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